Monday, 27 September 2010

Stag and Hen Party Destination Guide

Looking for somewhere different for your stag night or hen party? can help you to decide with this great party destination guide. Throw out the obvious choices and treat the party to an exciting alternative destination for that special night out. recommends Warsaw as a stag night or hen party destination. The capital of Poland is a surprisingly cool city, with an abundance of bars, restaurants and hotels. Nightlife in Warsaw is energetic, although quieter bars can also be found. Cheap flights are available to Warsaw from the UK and the short flight means that Poland is a great weekend destination.

An alternative short haul party destination is Tallinn in Estonia. Tallinn is a beautiful seacoast resort yet is a great base for stag and hen parties. Cheap flights can be found from the UK and accommodation ranges from small guesthouses to posh hotels. Tallinn has a range of exciting and lively bars and nightclubs, making the city perfect for party weekends. Cigar lounges, casinos and pool halls are popular with stags, whereas classy wine bars and luxury spas are great for hens.
For a truely unforgettable stag or hen weekend, recommends Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas is popular with stag nights and hen parties as the city has so much to offer. Visit 'The Strip' and enjoy a night of dining, drinking, partying and gambling. Cheap hotels can be found, although you may choose to be pampered in a luxury resort.

Another city great for stag and hen parties is Bangkok. Although it is usually visited for a long haul holiday, many groups visit Thailand's capital for a long stag or hen party. Bangkok is a vibrant city with a host of bars, restaurants, nighclubs and shops. There is so much to do in Bangkok that you will be spoilt for choice. In the day take a trip down a river market, visit the beautiful temples or just chill out by the hotel pool. At night, start the evening with some traditional Thai cuisine before heading off to the numerous lively bars and nightclubs.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament Thailand

Visit Thailand and support the Elephant Conservation Centre by taking a trip to the annual Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. The unusual spectacle takes place every year at the end of March, beginning of April, to help raise money for the Centre which looks after the welfare of more than 4000 wild and domesticated elephants.

The polo players ride elephants and play with elongated polo sticks. The game is slower than the horse polo tournaments, but is far more interesting. An elephant orchestra and elephant painting takes place at the polo tournaments and the paintings, along with polo memorabilia, is auctioned to raise money for the Conservation Centre.

For more information visit the King's Cup Elephant Polo website.

Thailand, as well as having some unusual sporting events, makes a great long haul sun holiday destination. The Asian country has something for everyone, ranging from white, sandy beach resorts with beautiful hotels to vibrant and exciting cities.

Many holidaymakers travel to Thailand to stay in the beach resorts of Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket to enjoy their idealic, quiet beaches, warm, clear waters and luxury resort hotels. The seaside resorts have plenty of things to do, including diving, snorkelling and sightseeing. Evenings can be as lively or as quiet as you like in the beach resorts, which have a variety of bars and restaurants.

Many travellers who visit Thailand choose to discover the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok is a vibrant city with a host of bars, restaurants, nighclubs and shops. There is so much to do in Bangkok that you will be spoilt for choice. In the day take a trip down a river market, visit the beautiful temples or just chill out by the hotel pool. At night, start the evening with some traditional Thai cuisine before heading off to the numerous lively bars and nightclubs.

Thailand really does something for everyone, from sun-worshippers to city slickers. For more information visit the Official Thailand Tourism website.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival - Miami Florida

Once a year Miami hosts its own Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional sport originating from the Far East.

The Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival is a free event, which takes place at Brickell Key in Miami. This festival is a 250 metre race between boats containing approx 20 paddlers each. No experience is necessary but you should have a competitive nature and be a team player.
The Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival is a colourful and spectacular event, which includes plenty of entertainment throughout the day. A perfect excursion for families and couples alike during any Miami holiday. Visit the official Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival website for more information.

Miami is a popular Florida holiday destination because of its fun atmosphere, fantastic beaches, year-round climate and variety of attractions. There is so much to see and do in Miami, there has to be something for everyone. From sunbathing to sightseeing and fishing to skydiving, you won't believe how much you can enjoy on a holiday in Miami. For more information about what to see in Miami visit the Official Visit Florida website.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rome City Break Destination Guide

Rome is a bustling, chaotic city yet attracts visitors from around the globe for exciting city break holidays. The Eternal City attacks the senses on every level with its stunning sights, creative Mediterranean cuisine and captivating culture.

Rome city breaks guarantee an active and enjoyable holiday for all. The fascinating history, lively nighlife and some of the most famous buildings in the world including the Vatican mean that you will leave Rome with incredible memories of an incredible holiday.

Many people visit Rome to pay their respects to the Pope in St Peter's Square, before taking to the thrilling streets of the city. Bars, cafes and restaurants are open until late in the evening, serving traditional Italian delicacies including antipasto, pizza and pasta. Another famous landmark that Rome visitors flock to is the Colosseum, to relive Ancient Rome's gladitorial battles.

Shopaholics need to make time in their itinerary for shopping in the city. Rome has several shopping districts where you will find both designer boutiques and small souvenir shops. Take a stoll through the streets away from the main tourist attractions to discover where the locals shop and you may just pick up a bargain or two.

Rome has a vast range of accommodation, ranging from small family run guesthouses to large luxury hotels in the centre of the city. You can find cheap flights from many airports across the UK, with many low-cost airlines flying to the area.

Rome is a great city break destination for couples, groups and families who will appreciate the historic character of the city and enjoy the vibrant, lively nature.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Gozo Festival Mediterranea

The Festival Mediterranea in Gozo is an annual event, in which the people of Gozo unite to celebrate their culture, history and artistic talent. The festival is held every October / November and features an array of entertainment, including opera, classic and symphonic music, and culinary events. Visit the official Festival Mediterranean website for more information.

The Festival Mediterranea transforms Gozo into a vibrant party, which is complimented by the island's warm autumn atmosphere... making it an ideal time to visit this beautiful island.
Unlink its sister island of Malta, Gozo is much less commercial and has more of a leisurely pace. The island is begging to be explored, as it has a rugged landscape and a beautiful coastline, which are dotted with baroque churches, prehistoric temples and other historical sites of interest. The best time to visit Gozo is between October and May because the average temperature is approx 18C, which is ideal for rambling around the island. Whilst exploring the island you will come across many amazing views and there are an abundance of ancient sites hidden in the countryside.

Besides exploration, the island has some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving sites in the Mediterranean; the Blue Hole is one of the more popular diving sites on Gozo. Other highlights of Gozo include the Azure Window, a beautiful cliff outcropping with a hole in the middle, and the Inland Sea, a small lake connected to the sea through the cliffs, it is a picturesque and unusual place to swim.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Visit the magical Butterfly Valley, Olu Deniz

The Butterfly Valley is a hidden gem of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. It is located in the Olu Deniz area of Turkey, near Fethiye, and it is a protected site because millions of butterflys come here to breed during June and September.The Butterfly Valley is only accessible by boat or walking the Lycian Way Trial, boats leave daily from Belcekiz Beach in Olu Deniz.

At the Butterfly Valley you can see over 70 different species of butterflies, hike through the secret valley, discover the waterfalls and swimming in the turquoise water of the bay. You can also stay overnight in one of the treehouses or bring a tent and camp.

Olu Deniz is a low-rise village, with an idyllic lagoon (called the Blue Lagoon) and golden sand, backed by the Taurus mountains. Olu Deniz is a popular holiday resort, especially with British families. The resort is great for a beach holiday and there are a few beaches to choose from, the best is the Blue Lagoon but this is a national park so you have to pay entrance. However, it is well worth the money as the lagoon has turquoise still waters and golden sand beaches, perfect for small children. The Blue Lagoon is also popular for watersports.

If you want a more energetic holiday, there are plenty of sights and attractions around the Olu Deniz area to keep you occupied. You could visit the turkish market at Fethiye (be prepared to haggle), visit the deserted town of Kaya Koy, hire mountain bike, go horse riding, take a jeep safari, visit the mud baths and the canyon of Saklikent.

The nightlife in Olu Deniz is pretty low-key, there are a few bars along the sea-front and the larger hotel resorts provide evening entertainment. Head to the nearby resort of Hisaronu if you want lively nightlife, there are a larger choice of bars and clubs here. Restaurants are geared towards the British tourists, so most serve unadventurous international food. Again, a wider choice of restaurants can be found at Hisaronu.