Thursday, 23 September 2010

King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament Thailand

Visit Thailand and support the Elephant Conservation Centre by taking a trip to the annual Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. The unusual spectacle takes place every year at the end of March, beginning of April, to help raise money for the Centre which looks after the welfare of more than 4000 wild and domesticated elephants.

The polo players ride elephants and play with elongated polo sticks. The game is slower than the horse polo tournaments, but is far more interesting. An elephant orchestra and elephant painting takes place at the polo tournaments and the paintings, along with polo memorabilia, is auctioned to raise money for the Conservation Centre.

For more information visit the King's Cup Elephant Polo website.

Thailand, as well as having some unusual sporting events, makes a great long haul sun holiday destination. The Asian country has something for everyone, ranging from white, sandy beach resorts with beautiful hotels to vibrant and exciting cities.

Many holidaymakers travel to Thailand to stay in the beach resorts of Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket to enjoy their idealic, quiet beaches, warm, clear waters and luxury resort hotels. The seaside resorts have plenty of things to do, including diving, snorkelling and sightseeing. Evenings can be as lively or as quiet as you like in the beach resorts, which have a variety of bars and restaurants.

Many travellers who visit Thailand choose to discover the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok is a vibrant city with a host of bars, restaurants, nighclubs and shops. There is so much to do in Bangkok that you will be spoilt for choice. In the day take a trip down a river market, visit the beautiful temples or just chill out by the hotel pool. At night, start the evening with some traditional Thai cuisine before heading off to the numerous lively bars and nightclubs.

Thailand really does something for everyone, from sun-worshippers to city slickers. For more information visit the Official Thailand Tourism website.

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