Friday, 10 September 2010

Gozo Festival Mediterranea

The Festival Mediterranea in Gozo is an annual event, in which the people of Gozo unite to celebrate their culture, history and artistic talent. The festival is held every October / November and features an array of entertainment, including opera, classic and symphonic music, and culinary events. Visit the official Festival Mediterranean website for more information.

The Festival Mediterranea transforms Gozo into a vibrant party, which is complimented by the island's warm autumn atmosphere... making it an ideal time to visit this beautiful island.
Unlink its sister island of Malta, Gozo is much less commercial and has more of a leisurely pace. The island is begging to be explored, as it has a rugged landscape and a beautiful coastline, which are dotted with baroque churches, prehistoric temples and other historical sites of interest. The best time to visit Gozo is between October and May because the average temperature is approx 18C, which is ideal for rambling around the island. Whilst exploring the island you will come across many amazing views and there are an abundance of ancient sites hidden in the countryside.

Besides exploration, the island has some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving sites in the Mediterranean; the Blue Hole is one of the more popular diving sites on Gozo. Other highlights of Gozo include the Azure Window, a beautiful cliff outcropping with a hole in the middle, and the Inland Sea, a small lake connected to the sea through the cliffs, it is a picturesque and unusual place to swim.

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